El Capitan on my Xeon NAS Hack

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-14 um 18.09.44
It took me a while to get this working as I had problems in getting the DP or the PB installer to fire up the installation GUI on my Xeon NAS (I expect the gfx card / drivers to be the issue). Anyway I installed DP1 on a USB thumb drive and updated it to DP3. Then I booted the stick with the clover setup I have already on my Xeon NAS – et violà ! It worked (I had to add fakesmc to the 10.11 folder).

Graphic Card Woes

As recently mentioned ASRock was smart enough to not implement IGP passthrough on the E3C226D2I. Bummer 😦

So I had to find a super slim graphic card which shall fit to my setup. The NVidia NVS 295 was the one I choose in the end. But also then I had to do quite some tweaking. If you look at the picture below you will see that there is not a whole lot of space between the motherboard (bottom of the picture) and the PSU (top of the picture), and exactly between this space the NVidia NVS 295 was planned to sit.


The first thing I actually had to do is to cut a hole into the backplane of my chassis, as the chassis itself was not supposed to support any PCI extension card 😐 .

IMG_2213 IMG_2212

Then I had to cut the metal bracket of the PCI card itself for fitting:

IMG_2211 IMG_2210

And the whole setup together:

IMG_2214 IMG_2220