Fan woes

In my last post I wrote that I had to replace my initially planned Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler with a SilverStone Technology Nitrogon NT07-115X.

While both of them are very tiny, unfortunately the Noctua just could not fit into the case as you can see in the pictures below – actually it is only marginally too high: 1-2mm I guess. But well not much I could do about it.

IMG_9412 IMG_9410

SilverStone’s Nitrogon is a very fine piece of engineering too, and fits while still being quite quiet.


If you watch closely I used Noctuas “silencer” cable and it works also on the SilverStone fan. I have to check however carefully how much the lower rpm rate impacts cooling.

Also I guess the HDD which is directly above the fan will get a little warm due to airflow.


Some people commented that in the 2nd picture it looks like the Noctua fits exactly. Well that is true: it looks like it does. In reality however it puts the motherboard under physical stress, and the fans’ blades are also touching already the case, stopping the fan from rotating flawlessly. So it just did not work out good.