Welcome folks !

This is my place where I will post once in a while about Hackintosh (and other) topics which come into my mind. Still this is just a hobby.

Note: Comments are definitly moderated to keep spam and rubbish out (except my own I guess 😛 ).


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, this is a great site, and has been useful in setting up my own OS X server with clover UEFI.
    I have the same hardware as you but instead of a graphics card, i have a hba for extra hard drives. I’m having a problem with iTunes however. It just won’t load. No error information or pop-up box. It doen’t even get to the bouncing icon stage. It just won’t load. Did you have this same issue?


  2. Hello, congratulations for the blog.
    I am a person who writes to you from Italy, and I’ll apologize in advance because I’m using google translator.
    About 3 months ago I bought all the components to create my nas / home server.
    I used a motherboard asrock E3C226D2I
    I used a xeon processor E3-1230v3
    16 gb of ram ECC
    all well it cooled by Noctua both for the processor, and for the houses (silverstone) which owns 8 bay.

    Currently freenas use and has not given me problems, but my soul remains to apple. I have 2 mac pro at home + a mac mini that serves as a download manager he changed.
    Are now configured with 6x4tb wd red in z1 raid (raid 5)

    I read your articles about the hackintosh with the same motherboard.
    I would like to ask you how you are, if you have problems with the management of hdd, there are uncertainties in reading and writing?
    I do not need to monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound cards etc etc as I would use the shared server monitor.
    Now I’m connected with 2 aggregates network cables would have problems?
    My intention is to use osx server to manage everything, I use it every day in the office, I used to before I had a mac mini nas only to your server …

    What do you suggest me??
    It also will give a couple of tips?



    • Hi Alberto. Thanks for the questions. I have no problems with this board on El Calpitan or Yosemite and all HDDs run very stable on the sata ports. So expect this will work. I did not try any RAID setup. So not sure about this. One thing however: I suggest to get a nvidia or ati / amd graphics card. Otherwise the performance will be very very slow. OS X’s GUI heavily relies on graphics acceleration. With the boards built in ASspeed you will only get very very slow vesa mode. Very sluggish.


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