How to downgrade E3C226D2I (from 3.30 to 2.10)

ASRock provides a warning on downgrading:

Due to BIOS code major upgrade to support Broadwell CPU feature, this BIOS update (P3.xx and after) will be backward compatible to Haswell CPU (E3 v3), but won’t be able to downgrade to P2.xx versions after upgrade to P3.xx BIOS.

For me the steps below worked and so far I have not experienced any issues in doing. But proceed at your own risk.

1) Create a FAT32 formatted USB DOS boot stick.

2) Get 2.00 Update BIOS Under DOS version from ASRockRack:

3) Extract the ZIP File and copy the EXE file on the USB DOS boot stick. Then boot with it.

4) Start the DOS BIOS Updater with /X parameter: C:\226D2I~2 /x

Parameter /X ignores the current BIOS ROM ID

5) The updater will remain some time (approx 20 -30 secs) at 75%.


After this it will proceed. Just wait for some time to finish.


6) Restart and go into the BIOS. You will see it is downgraded to 2.00


7) Then use the BIOS Instant Flash feature to upgrade to 2.10. I UEFI patched version 2.10 before.

8) Restart


(if you compare above 2 pictures system time you will see it took approx 2 minutes, including booting and going into BIOS again 😛 )


Warning: 226D2IL3.30

I just updated to the latest Bios (3.30) on my E3C226D2I and since then OSX stops booting at pci configuration begin. Or even with CPU Sensor issues.

OSXeon:UEFIPatch_0.3.8_osx userone$ ./UEFIPatch ../226D2IL3.30
patch: replaced 10 bytes at offset 114Ah 75080FBAE80F89442430 -> EB080FBAE80F89442430
Image patched
OSXeon:UEFIPatch_0.3.8_osx userone$


Hands on with Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ Android app

Apple introduced the ‘Move to iOS’ app at the ‘Hey Siri’ event this year. While I personally started using the iPhone with the 1st one, just very recently I had the ‘pleasure’ to use the Apple(-branded) ‘Move to iOS’ on an HTC one.

So in the initial setup of iOS you can now choose to transfer the data from Android while on the Android phone you must start the ‘Move to iOS’ app. After getting a code on the iOS side you have to enter it (10-digit) on the HTC and hopefully pairing will start:


Of course in my case this did not work, but I was presented with a nice (?) and totally useless error message on the iOS side, while being sent back to the Pairing-Code screen on the Android side:


Some further tries let to an error on the HTC – of course also without helpful clues or consistent log:


Spending another 3-or-so-hour of frustration with rebooting, wiping, app-reinstalling, and service killing on Android and iOS, I decided to head to the nearest Apple Store the next morning (as it was after midnight already). So 10:00am at Apple Store IFC Hong Kong:


Same procedure with the 1st level supporter to whom I explained my problem:


He gave up after 20 minutes. So a guy being in charge of organizing Genius-Bar appointments tries his luck:


Another 15 minutes later he gave me a Genius appointment:


After 50 minutes of waiting and phone charging I had the Genius to gave me a helping hand:



Of course in vain. So he wanted to upgrade the phone to the latest iOS and set the phone in DFU mode and fired up iTunes on his support laptop:



But restore ran into an error – he tried twice:


Ultimately he suspected a hardware issue with my newly bought iPhone, exchanged it and updated to the latest iOS (this time it worked):


Finally he tried to use move to iOS on the newly exchanged phone, but it also failed:


Leaving the Apple Store I used an app called ‘CopyMyData’:


And this WORKED! Within minutes:



Apples ‘Move to iOS’ app sucks
There are no logs provided (easily) to help you
Apples ‘Move to iOS’ app sucks
CopyMyData is developed by the same folks the Apple-branded one, but it just works
Apples ‘Move to iOS’ app sucks