My 2nd build

For my latest machine, I had one of those QNAP or Synology NAS systems in mind when planning the whole thing. Of course I want to run OS X on it, while being more powerful, energy efficient and with as little noise as possible (it will sit next to my TV in the living room – in a cupboard though) and with ECC RAMs to ensure data integrity (I just want them !! 🙂 ).

This whole requirements however turned out to be much more difficult to fulfill then I thought it would. For ECC you need – besides the RAM modules of course – a Xeon CPU and (thank you Intel…… NOT !) a board with the correct chipset (c224, c226 in the haswell world) – none of those “gaming” chipsets (H, P, Q, Z, X…) support ECC – still I think this function is rather blocked.

Well then on the other hand, there are not a lot of server boards out there which feature a mini-ITX form factor. Turns out exactly 2!!! as of writing, one of which I ordered, the other one is the ASRock E3C224D2I. Now ASRock on their side also didn’t made my life too easy as they blocked / didn’t implement IGP passthrough even though its part of the chipset c226 (interesting post here, which I unfortunately only found after I ordered it…) while the Xeon 1268L comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600 😦 . Consequently I had to find a graphic card, which I wanted to passive-cooled to reduce noise (Problem No. 1 nowadays) and is of low-profile (Problem No. 2 nowdays). Nowadays only giga-texel-8GB super-graphic cards are made by AMD/ATI or NVidia.

Now I use the following components (Prices in US$ from Newegg or Amazon):

Overall price: $977.90 – not too bad 🙂

And some pictures:

IMG_9400 IMG_9434IMG_9346IMG_1883


One thought on “My 2nd build

  1. Nice project …. I m in the process of finishing mine right now and though of noctua also,… I measured it myseld to be 3,7-3,7cm as noctua is but you mention that it is too high….are you sure? I have seen somewhere someone running it.


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